What Does War Gaming for Peace Look Like in Syria?

You can watch the Syrian war as a simulation or follow it at #peacegame, thanks to the US Institute for Peace’s December 2013 exercise. 

PeaceGame sought to highlight the interests and roles of groups whose voices are frequently lost in often insular Washington policy discussions. Though they wont be in Geneva, Salafi militants, represented at todays event by Mona Yacoubian, senior advisor at the Stimson Center, did everything could to derail an agreement to end the war. USIP Associate Vice President Manal Omar spoke for Syrian civil society, and though they may not be at the negotiating table, Omar gamed out how they might implement — or not — a potential peace deal.And how far does Bashar al-Assad think he can push his luck? Will he compromise if Russia drops its support? Former Ambassador Ted Kattouf and Syrian National Council member Murhaf Jouejati, who represented the Assad regime, didnt think so. Hell hold out until his support from Iran, Hezbollah, and Syrias domestic Alawite community starts to slip, they suggested.

via What Does War Gaming for Peace Look Like?.



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