10 Things you Should NEVER Say During Presentations

Good trade craft for public speakers. Simple to understand yet why do these things happen time after time?

No. 3: Can you hear me? Yes you can!

This is how a lot of people start their talk. They will tap a microphone three times, shout ‘can you all hear me in the back’ and then smile apologetic when it becomes clear that, yes, everybody can hear you but nobody raises their hands.

via 10 Things you Should NEVER Say During Presentations.


2 thoughts on “10 Things you Should NEVER Say During Presentations”

  1. Thank you for these tips. I have noticed, particularly when attending functions where non-professionals are speaking, that saying such things immediately suggests to the audience under preparation, uncertainty, or unfamiliarity with a topic. Considering that a presentation is intended to persuade, all of these things are certainly best avoided. I will pay attention to assure that do not head out or close up any speech with such disclaimers (or any others of a similar sort). Public speaking is powerful when done well, and being competent at it is certainly a distinction I would like to claim.

  2. I really enjoyed this article because I found it very enlightening concerning the do’s and don’t’s when public speaking. A speaker’s main goal is to persuade his/her audience. Therefore, being prepared and knowing the material in any speech is crucial. Along with that, speakers should never apologize and always stay calm. The second the audience loses faith in what a speaker is saying is the second the presentation is lost to the listeners. Because public speaking is so important, these skills in the article will be helpful to me in the future when giving a presentation.

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