Full Text of U.N. Report on Chemical Attack in Syria – NYTimes.com

The use of chemical weapons: confirmed.  Now we see what comes next.  Read the full text at the link below via The Lede.

As my colleagues Rick Gladstone and Nick Cumming-Bruce report, rockets armed with the banned chemical nerve agent sarin were used in an Aug. 21 mass killing near Damascus, United Nations chemical weapons inspectors reported Monday.

via Full Text of U.N. Report on Chemical Attack in Syria – NYTimes.com.


4 thoughts on “Full Text of U.N. Report on Chemical Attack in Syria – NYTimes.com”

  1. Even with a better understanding of this atrocious act, I’m still left wondering if this was really the red line Obama should have drawn.
    I’ve seen the footage of children, adults, and elders poisoned by the sarin gas–and it’s all horrible. However I have to disagree with whoever said on the second day of class that chemical weapons are worse than other weapons because they don’t discriminate. Is sarin gas less discriminatory than a gun pointed into a dark building, or a bomb? What makes these chemically caused deaths any worse than a bullet to the head or a bomb that leaves nothing behind to burry? Death is death. It’s sad, especially when it happens painfully, brutally, and before a person’s time.
    That being said, I’m not so sure it was a good idea to say we’d go to war if someone pulled out something new to kill people with. Maybe there are good reasons to go to war, but this method of killing people isn’t one of them.

  2. I feel like this report is being issued way too late to even make a difference. Everyone knew that Syria had used chemical weapons. It was known as the decision to use military force was being decided. Maybe if this report had been released a week earlier, it would have had effect. Now it just seems like a drop in the bucket.

  3. Finally there is confirmation of the attack. However, it’s a little too late. While it is nice to know what really happened, this really doesn’t change anything now. I am not completely sure it would have made a difference if we knew this information from the beginning of the US involvement. I feel like Obama would have backed out of a military strike just the same with or without this information. Russia still would have been against military action. It was pretty clear from the beginning the story behind the attacked, this report just provided evidence. However, if the US would have gone the physical route, this report would have been a nice justification.

  4. Well finally there is an official confirmation of the attack even though a week ago we already knew they were using chemical weapons. It’s like waiting for a friend to make their dating relationship Facebook official. We already know they are dating but they aren’t official until they announce it publicly. Even though this attack is ‘Facebook official’ the information isn’t of much use at this point. If this report came out earlier Obama would have still made the same decisions that he is making now since he was treating the attack like it was official the entire time.

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