The International Attorney Who Wins Big for Small States

Who do you call to represent the underdog against Ronald Reagan’s USA or China today in the world’s highest court, the International Court of Justice? Meet Paul S.  Reichler, the Harvard-educated attorney who has won twice against powerful countries at the ICJ.  

There are a number of similarities to the Nicaraguan brief. Mr. Reichler is again assisting a small country, the Philippines, battling a big one. And again, the big country, in this case China, refused to participate and publicly denounced the tribunal, calling it biased and anti-Asian. (The United States did appear in the early stages of the Nicaragua case in the 1980s but then withdrew.) With even more ferocity than the Reagan administration, China has vowed to ignore the outcome.For Mr. Reichler, now a member of a rarefied fraternity of lawyers who represent countries before international courts and tribunals, the current behavior of China is more extreme than the United States in the 1980s.  Via NYT 


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