Best Luggage for Diplomats

If you are on the road non-stop, living out of your suitcase–at least make your temp home a luxury townhouse instead of an Ibis. Diplomats need a bag that can match their ultra-powerful passports. Consider these:

The Perfect Bag


This carry on roller ($499) made by is the perfect bag–with in-line skate wheels, suiter, and an array of inner pockets. What more do you need?
The Luxury Line

At 4.3 lb the Rimowa Salsa Air Ultralight ($450) will glide through airports into your Embassy transport without a hitch. The four spinning wheels me be a bit trendy–but the aluminum profile is timeless. 

The Predicably Capable

‘Alpha 2’ International

If there is a sin qua non of high end-yet-overused-for-a reason bags it is Tumi. And this  carry on ($595) is a 22″ workhorse with style. Now if you do Che k it and somehow the airlines lose it–well, good luck invoking the Geneva Convention. 

The Family Move

L.L. Bean Rolling Adventure Duffle

If you need to relocate your five children from Embassy Delhi to Embassy Lima, this is the one ($99). Write each child’s name on a tag using a Sharpie and rest assured that they can roll them to baggage check–and the soft duffle + flex-frame will last for a long time–and through many more diplomatic relocations. Known as the “body bag” by foreign service families, these bags are cost-effective and practical. The jury is still out on other versions by North Face, Ogio and Osprey–an REI favorite. 

Honorable Mention

Try the Hook and Albert’s innovative Garment Weekender Bag ($585) for the compact flexibility of a duffle, the beauty of leather and the necessity of a suiter. Consider the Briggs and Riley Baseline International Wide-Body Upright Carry On ($499), a well-regarded upgrade. 


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