Best Apps for Public Speaking

Getting serious about improving your on-stage swagger? Take a look at these apps to address various aspects of your public speaking persona:

Ummo – Speak the speech and get some useful analytics such as time, word count, pace, volume, fillers and clarity. ($1.99, IOS)

Virtual Speech’s Public Speaking for Cardboard uses VR to simulate your audition, TED Talk, interview, or toast–before it happens. (Free, IOS and Android)



PromptSmart Pro – Ignore the Donald and setup your own speech recognition scrolling, voice tracking teleprompter. Only issue? Its expensive ($11.99, IOS)


Amber Light Speech Timer – Keeps you on time with changeable lights/buzzers, but stick with red, yellow and green. ($2, IOS, or see Toastmaster Timer, free, Android)


Keynote by Apple has the ability to connect with your laptop or iPad, allowing you to use your phone (or tablet) as a remote control, viewers, and speaker note viewer. (Apple Watch also has a remote that can control your Keynote or PowerPoint.)


If the mere thought of speaking in front of a packed conference room makes your heart start pounding, there’s now a virtual reality app designed to help curb your fear. Virtual Speech lets users practice for upcoming speeches by putting them on stage or in the conference room (virtually).

More ideas? See: Now There’s a Virtual Reality App To Help With Public Speaking Anxiety | Mental Floss


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