The Agency of Multilateral Organizations | Duck of Minerva

Can governments make IGOs do their bidding? To sum up, Tana Johnson of Duke and author of Organizational Progeny: Why Governments are Losing Control over the Proliferating Structures of Global Governance (does that give away the answer?):

In short: just as competitive politics and checks-and-balances are widely considered desirable at the domestic level, they have a role to play at the international level too. That’s especially true on a crowded planet where many of our most severe problems and most treasured aims don’t neatly coincide with lines on a map. Seen this way, international bureaucrats inject healthy competition in international politics, making it less likely that national government officials will grow too complacent or narrow in speaking for the interests of the public.So yes, international bureaucrats can diverge from the wishes of member-governments. And for regular people like you and me, there are some very good reasons to welcome the dynamism, competition, and push-and-pull that this injects into international politics.

Source: The Agency of Multilateral Organizations | Duck of Minerva


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