Booklist | Doomed to Succeed by Dennis Ross 

A new book by Dennis Ross sheds a great deal of insight–albeit a pessimistic view–on the future for Israel and Palestine:

Except it is to nothing that it will almost surely lead. That is because at the heart of the Palestinian Question is a conundrum no American administration has been willing or able to unravel. The Palestinians, seeing themselves as the aggrieved party, have never taken the initiative in offering up peace terms, and whatever the Israelis have offered has never been enough. For their part, and despite the lip service paid to their American allies, most Israelis see little to be gained and much to be risked in a peace agreement and are seemingly content with the status quo, a contentment increased by the concrete wall as high as 26 feet that now separates them from their Palestinian neighbors.

As for the Americans, the traditional overseers of this contest, their tepid response to the settlements issue adds constant fuel to Palestinian rage — and obstinacy — while their military support further enhances Israel’s sense of security, giving it even less motive to negotiate. As James Baker might say, “Have a nice life.”

Source: ‘Doomed to Succeed,’ by Dennis Ross – The New York Times


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