Do You Have ‘The Voice’?

If you are asked to give a TED talk, better practice that voice. The one that SNL openly mocked (and The Onion).  The one that sounds off-the-cuff and authentic and polysyllabic and over-annunciated.

It now even has a name (and a face in Ira Glass): ‘NPR Voice’.

“Was a blog more like writing or more like speech?” Ms. Newton wrote. “Soon it became a contrived and shambling hybrid of the two. The ‘sort ofs’ and ‘reallys’ and ‘ums’ and ‘you knows’ that we use in conversation were codified as the central connectors in the blogger lexicon. We weren’t just mad, we were sort of enraged; no one was merely confused, but kind of totally mystified.”This style of writing then became most rampant on social media, especially Twitter, where the casual riposte trumps the carefully wrought and where, for fear of resembling a soulless corporate account or stiff elder, users typically traffic in, um, slangy approachability.

Source: ‘NPR Voice’ Has Taken Over the Airwaves – The New York Times


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