Rules Matter in the Vatican Synod

If the process is stacked against you, what can you do? In the case of a high-level Vatican conference involving 300 bishops, delegates and observes, a leaked letter from a few cardinals has caused a firestorm. Some see this as a procedural maneuver–but it could just be a journalistic scoop.

At the Vatican, some conservative cardinals are complaining about a three-week meeting, a synod to discuss challenges to the modern family. In a letter to Pope Francis leaked to the media, 13 of them say new rules for that meeting leave them at a disadvantage and could lead to what they describe as predetermined results on disputed issues. As NPR’s Sylvia Poggioli reports, the Vatican has denounced the leak.

SYLVIA POGGIOLI: The letter was leaked Monday, a week after the Pope got it. Five of the 13 Cardinals have since denied they signed the letter. And today, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi tried to put the controversy to rest.

FEDERICO LOMBARDI: (Through interpreter) It’s not surprising. Observations and doubts were expressed about the new synod rules. But once they’ve been established, the synod fathers must apply them in the best possible way.

Source: Vatican Denounces Letter Criticizing Pope Francis On Family : NPR

Underlying disagreements already exist among social lines–with African representatives emerging as the “standard-bearers” for “traditional Catholic teaching on family issues.”


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