Was the U.S. attack on the Kunduz hospital a war crime? 

In the face of tragedy, Laurie Blank of Emory Law poses (and answers)  an important question about how the bombing of the Kunduz hospital by U.S. forces should be considered under international law:

The airstrikes in Kunduz raise significant questions about precautions:Did the Afghan forces calling for the strike and the U.S. forces launching the strike establish the location of the hospital as a protected site?Were the Taliban fighters indeed using the hospital?If so, did either Afghan or U.S. forces warn the hospital of the pending strike?Were weapons chosen that could minimize harm to civilians?The proportionality rule poses equally important questions:What did the U.S. forces know about the hospital and how many people were in it?What damage to the hospital did they anticipate from the attacks?What other options did they have to neutralize the Taliban threat?In the end, only a comprehensive investigation — like those under way by the United States, NATO and Afghanistan — can determine the cause and legality of the strike by examining these and other questions.

Source: Was the U.S. attack on the Kunduz hospital a war crime? – The Washington Post


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