The Truth About Lies, a new film

At the core of discussions about ethics is the issue of lying.  A new documentary, featuring Dan Ariely of Duke University makes the case that everyone does it.

Through the candid testimony of public figures and regular people — and also relying on expert opinions, behavioral experiments and archival footage — the film explores thorny questions like why people lie, how they do it and what is the fallout. What quickly becomes clear is that the leap from little white lies to insider trading is not that far.

“When you look at what those people did at the end, you say, ‘My goodness, I can’t imagine ever doing something like that,’ ” said Professor Ariely, who specializes in psychology and behavioral economics and who serves as a guide through the film. “But when you look at what they did at the beginning, you say, ‘I can see myself doing that.’ It is a story about a slippery slope.”

via ‘(Dis)Honesty — The Truth About Lies’ Examines How Falsehoods Sprout –


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