A Plan to Fix the World? Why the QDDR Matters 

Talk about global governance reform and listen to them doze off. And yet the need to fix international institutions like the Security Council (scores of papers have been written on this) or the IMF (Congress nixed this idea, leading China to create its on regional development bank) is real and increasingly urgent. 

Kudos to @zackbeauchamp who explains how the new QDDR lays out US diplomacy’s strategic vision, focusing on the biggest problems for would-be global strategists , namely fixing the organizations designed to address global crises. 

But the QDDR goes beyond Obama’s speech. It identifies four areas — preventing violent conflict and extremism, spreading democracy, promoting global economic growth, and climate change — in which the State Department needs to focus its efforts. “Each of these priorities is based on the need for better governance across the world,” Secretary of State John Kerry said at a presser. “They’re all linked.”


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