Listicle on Art of Conversation

Diplomacy is all about the people. And talking. This should help:

1. Break the awkward silence with one of these five questions. (Fast Company)

2. Learn how to avoid being dominated in conversation. (Wall Street Journal)

3. Here are 10 tips for being a great conversationalist — like steer for positive topics. (Lifehack)

4. Discover how to develop a small talk style that’s 100% you. (Psychology Today)

5. Using science can improve your speaking skills with the neurochemistry of positive conversations. (Harvard Business Review)

6. For the shy folk, take a look at the seven ways to speak up at work. (Fortune)

7. It turns out, to thrive at work you need conversation. (Forbes)

8. Politics and religion are well-known taboo topics; these three are less obvious but equally dangerous. (Metro)

9. These three simple steps will make you a better conversationalist. (Inc.)

10. Remember, good conversation is just as much listening as talking — so find out if you talk too much. (Wall Street Journal)

via Mashable | 10 tips for becoming a better conversationalist.


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