Sudanese Negotiations Require Compromise on All Sides

A complicated negotiation for the future of Sudan appears to stall:

Yet some analysts question whether the divided Sudanese government can, or even really wants to, reach a deal right now.

“The question is whether the government of Sudan, comprised of the ruling National Congress Party, the military and National Security under President Bashir, is cohesive to make the bold steps, which involve politically difficult sacrifices,” said Alex de Waal, executive director of the World Peace Foundation.

With the end of the rainy season, fighting is expected to resume. Commanders in the Sudanese Army still believe that a military victory over the rebels is possible, and they seem to want to delay negotiations until further gains can be made.

Another problem is the dizzying number of competing interests in a country awash in rebel movements.

via A Moment of Optimism on Sudan Peace Fades as New Talks Approach –

The type of agreement that Ambassador Princeton Lyman writes about is missing in the current talks as events on the ground have become complex and numerous actors make agreements hard to come by.


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