Fear Crime More than War?

Global Study on Homicide

Worry about warfare? Yes, that’s important. But if you are concerned about being the victim of armed conflict or what a new UN global study on homicide calls “collective violence”, you are more likely top be facing what some might consider ‘street crime’ as a more likely scenario.

Homicide and acts of personal violence kill more people than wars and are the third-leading cause of death among men aged 15 to 44, the United Nations said Wednesday in a new report.


Around the world, there were about 475,000 homicide deaths in 2012 and about six million since 2000, “making homicide a more frequent cause of death than all wars combined in this period,” the report states.

via More People Die From Homicide Than in Wars, U.N. Says – NYTimes.com.

The cost? According to the Copenhagen Consensus Centre as reported in the Guardian, it adds up to 11% of the world gross domestic product, around $9.5 trillion.

Also, of interest–the safest region to live in would be Asia, followed by Oceania and Europe. The Americas ranks last, with 16.3 homicides per 100k population.

Homocide rates by region 2012


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