Best Idea Yet to Address Ebola

What should be done to more effectively manage the Ebola outbreak?  Listen to Laurie Garrett, arguably a top expert on infectious diseases and author of Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health:

While a great push is now underway for development of Ebola vaccines and treatments, nothing could immediately be a greater game-changer than a quick, reliable Ebola screening test. Such an assay would help quell the rising panic in the United States, prevent passage of laws that could be viewed as discriminatory against people of color and/or Africans, and provide nearly instantaneous hospital diagnosis. Rather than rattling the nerves of hundreds of Dallas parents afraid to return their children to classrooms visited by Duncan’s youngest contacts, public health officials could simply test the Duncan clan and assure the public that none are carrying Ebola.

via How to Keep Ebola Out of Your Neighborhood.


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