What Do Political Scientists Know? (And how do we find out)

What do political scientists, practitioners of “the dismissed science,” know that the rest of us don’t?  The process of dispersing research is (very, very slowly) changing as some serious scholars are writing for a wider auudience–explaining what we are learning via research.

Hans Noel at Georgetown explains here.

The paper is worth a full read (really). Also, Noel suggests more useful sources for informed analysis:

  • Jonathan Bernstein, plainaboutpolitics.blogspot.com
  • Daniel Drezner, drezner.foreignpolicy.com
  • Simon Jackman, jackman.stanford.edu/blog/
  • Jacob Levy, jacoblevy.blogspot.com
  • Jim Johnson, politicstheoryphotography.blogspot.com
  • Seth Masket, enikrising.blogspot.com
  • Brendan Nyhan, brendan-nyhan.com
  • Steven Walt, walt.foreignpolicy.com
  • lawersgunsmoneyblog.com
  • duckofminerva.blogspot.com
  • monkeycage.org




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