Who to Follow | Tracking the Events in Ukraine and the Crimea

Times like these show the value of Twitter: unfolding events on the ground with unclear narratives make us all screen-based journos. Right now some useful voices include the following:

  • @McFaul, former US Ambassador to Russia (Stanford)
  • @juliaoffe, covered Sochi and is currently on fire (TNR)
  • @lrozen, representative of their new dramatic shift in foreign coverage (Politico)
  • @dandresner, the professor and useful pontificator (Fletcher and FP)
  • @herszenhorn, NYT correspondent in Kiev
  • @maxseddon, BuzzFeed correspondent
  • @marson_jr, WSJ correspondent
  • @sia_vlasova, Anastasia Vlasova, Kyiv Post photojournalist
  • @MaxRTucker, writer for The Independent
  • @ChristopherJM, editor, the Kviv Post

And thanks to @Poynter for this list of  journalists to follow as well as Max Fisher for these 16 essential Twitter accounts.

Be sure to spend time with @monkeycage on Twitter or the WaPo-hosted blog as they cull some of the best academic voices on the crisis, such as the following:


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