The Weekly Wonk Weighs in on Brazil

Is Brazil ready for the world stage–particularly with regard to governance issues.  Anne-Marie Slaughter convenes a discussion with Jorge Castañeda, former ambassador Rengaraj Viswanathan, and Oliver Stuenkel to explore such issues as the economic, development, and internal issues facing Brazil–a country that holds an “enviable position” in global affairs:

Oliver Stuenkel, assistant professor of international relations at Fundacao Gertulio Vargas in Sao Paulo:  Brazil is prepared to play a relatively constructive role on the world stage – in fact, it is already doing so. It’s misguided to characterize our country as an “irresponsible stakeholder.” As I have recently written in the Americas Quarterly magazine, Brazil has turned into a strong supporter of democracy in the region, largely by creating treaty clauses punishing countries that do not uphold democratic standards. Brazil has supported the concept of an international “responsibility to protect” in the vast majority of cases when it was on the Security Council. Brazil abstained from resolution 1973 on Libya not because it was against an intervention per se, but because it feared that a broadly authorized military intervention with unclear terms of enforcement would become a slippery slope towards regime change. While Brazil’s foreign policy is far from perfect, it is certainly no less constructive than that of established powers, which can also fail to consistently promote good principles such as democracy or international criminal justice.

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