World War II: Every Single Day Visualized


4 thoughts on “World War II: Every Single Day Visualized”

  1. That was actually pretty interesting. It was cool to see how rapidly the Axis influence spread. At the beginning, everything was at a stand-still, but once the Axis Powers started invading, Europe erupted in a frenzy of red. It was cool to see the daily incremental process of the Nazis invading Russia, and then, after several months, the Russians pushing them back with great swiftness. It was also interesting to see the Italian shift from Axis to Allied. The country did not switch its allegiance all at once-rather, it started from the south and moved north, but halted just shy of the northern borders until about 1945. Once the Allies invaded France, there was rapid movement from the Allies towards the center of Europe/Berlin. Also, those Russians can move. It was just really cool to see the Axis’s near-complete takeover of Europe, and as a response, the Allies moving in with lightning speed.

  2. This was a good visual of what happened throughout the years, it’s too bad there’s not a little commentary on what’s happening at different points of expansion. I would love to see a version of this done worldwide and watch, for example, Japan’s invasion of the Pacific Islands or the US entry into the war. This video was able to show some of the long periods with no expansion of influence, to very sudden shifts in the balance.

  3. I found this to be really moving. It looked like a disease was spreading and then eventually fought off. Considering France a home away from home, it broke my heart to see it taken over. The whole time I was just waiting for the Allies to take back everything. I can’t imagine watching all that let alone living it without knowing the ending.

  4. It is amazing to see how each important turn of event affects the map. For example, in January 1943 we see how Russia starts becoming completely blue again. That is because of infamous battle of Stalingrad in which the Russian were miraculously able to hold off the much better prepared German forces. Then, in the Fall of 1944, about two months after D-day, France becomes blue following by the rest of Europe. It was also interesting to me how at this point when Russia was pushing back into Europe it was also taking over middle eastern countries, I wonder what was going one through their head and the reasoning behind taking over such territories.

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