Friedman Games Out Middle East Peace Negotiations

How could we get from here to there in the Middle East?  Could Obama and Bibi leverage each other to push the process forward? Thomas Friedman thinks there is at least a possibility:

If these two leaders were to approach these two negotiations with a reasonably shared vision (and push each other), they could play a huge role in remaking the Middle East for the better, and — with John Kerry — deserve the Nobel Prize, an Emmy, an Oscar and the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

via Bibi and Barack, the Sequel –


3 thoughts on “Friedman Games Out Middle East Peace Negotiations”

  1. I’m not sure how much I agree with this article. The author portrays Obama as a soft negotiator, unwilling to stir the pot. And though that description of him may ring true in other foreign policy situations, it doesn’t with Iran. It was Obama, not Netanyahu, that placed the harshest sanctions in history against Iran. We need Obama to be consistent in his negotiation approach towards Iran’s nuclear program.

    As for Israel, I doubt how beneficial Netanyahu’s “crazy” stance against Iran can be. The more of a threat Israel becomes, the more incentive there is for Iran to advance its nuclear program. What we really need is for both Netanyahu and Obama to work together and be firm and composed in their negotiations with Iran.

  2. But will this ever happen? I don’t think so. For a negotiation to be successful, we have to make concessions and they have to make concessions, and currently nobody is in the business of making concessions for another party. It is true though that if someone were able to make peace in the Middle East, they would have fixed something that has caused turmoil in the world for years and years. Lets hope that they can make it happen.

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