Flashback on the Neocon Approach

All views should be welcomed.  Even so, I’m not sure this viewpoint is really missed.

Now, to you or me, this reads like Israel adapting to reality and trying to maintain its influence over the evolving geopolitical arrangements in the Middle East.  To neoconservatives, however, this is Israel in retreat.  They\’ve given up on fighting the interim deal!  Their threat to launch a military strike against Iran has been exposed as empty rhetoric!!  Why should Iran ever take Netanyahu seriously again? 

The key things to realize about the neoconservative worldview is that:

1)  Reputation and the image of strength are everything;

2)  Countries bandwagon to the strong states and eschew the weak states.

3)  Even the slightest concession in the present weakens one\’s reputation and strength for the future; so

4)  Any concession in a present negotiation ineluctably leads to unconditional surrender in the future.

via Daniel W. Drezner | FOREIGN POLICY.


One thought on “Flashback on the Neocon Approach”

  1. Shades of the neoconservative worldview have been around for a long time. Neoconservatism almost started WWIII within JFK’s administration during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Imagine what the world would have been like if JFK had decided that any deal with the Soviets would eventually result in complete surrender? We would have probably nuked the planet already. If Neoconservative ideals couldn’t save us from (arguably) the most hostile nation we have coexisted with for an extended period of time, why do they keep getting revived? Autocratic regimes insensitive to public opinion or global condemnation like North Korea may require a strong hand to deal with, but even then the neoconservative view is exceptionally unyielding towards pragmatic deals. I do not mourn for this ideology’s decaying credibility.

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