Five American Foreign Policy Fact-Checks for Thanksgiving | Daniel W. Drezner

Thanks to Professor Drezner for some good zingers to use in those confrontations around the Thanksgiving turkey:

WHAT YOUR RELATIVE WILL SAY:  “I don’t see why we have to spend so much of our taxpayer dollars on other countries.  If we cut foreign aid that would really help balance the budget!!

via Five American Foreign Policy Fact-Checks for Thanksgiving | Daniel W. Drezner.


3 thoughts on “Five American Foreign Policy Fact-Checks for Thanksgiving | Daniel W. Drezner”

  1. I think this was a hilarious post. It is also very useful. The best thing here is the responses were practical. They weren’t very extreme, but they weren’t too shy either. All of the responses have facts in them to back it up. This is a very useful post to show how to talk to pretty much anyone about politics without getting too heated or offensive.

  2. I shared this with my family over the Thanksgiving holiday. Considering we are a very politically minded family, it got a great response; even though it led to an hour long “discussion” by my father. Even I held some of the common misconceptions that the article disproved. Especially the Foreign aid spending. I cant believe that only 1.5 percent of the United States budget goes to foreign aid. However, keep in mind that 1.5% is still a large sum of money. I also appreciated the reminded that the American economy is not as terrible as we think sometimes. America’s GDP is still higher than China and our military power is much stronger. The United States political forum often focuses on all of the negatives about an administration or the nation in general. Don’t forget to be grateful for this great country that we live in.

  3. People so often just take a fact and run with it, then it spreads until most Americans have the wrong ideas about certain issues. I really like that this looked at things more factually and calmly. I try not to get into political discussions with my family but knowing I had good arguments made me want to.

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