Austria Reappears

A good read on the disappearing state of Austria, a great story of wartime intrigue, international law, and European politics:

In an article published in American Diplomacy in February 2012, the author described the developments that led to the disappearance of Austria from the map as a result of its annexation by Nazi Germany on March 11, 1938. On that day, Austria ceased to exist. Austrian citizens became German citizens and the Austrian state became German territory.

via Roberts | Austria Redux.


3 thoughts on “Austria Reappears”

  1. As the delegate of Austria, I find this an extremely interesting part of our, and European, history. We truly appreciate the work that these nations put in rescuing our nation from the heel of the Soviet Empire.

  2. This was a fascinating read. It is extremely interesting, and somewhat disturbing, that an entire nation can cease to exist or be created by words on paper and a few signatures. I, for one, am extremely glad that Austria became its own, independent state once again. It is one of my favorite countries to visit in Europe. To think that if things had gone differently following WWII, there wouldn’t be an Austria to visit today is hard to comprehend.

  3. This is so interesting. I find Joshua’s comment accurate…how does a piece of paper decide where a nation does or does not exist? I would like to think that if my own country “ceased” to exist, that I would still feel Canadian. But it is weird to think of losing that part of who I am simply because there is a war going on and my nation is on the losing end.

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