A UN HQ That You Never Knew

Visit the UN General Assembly’s headquarters…in Queens?  Yep, and now you can go and see the newly remodeled building:

Given that mix today, it makes symbolic sense, at least, that for four years, from 1946 to 1950, the United Nations General Assembly had its first headquarters in Queens, in a low, pale slab of a building designed to be New York City’s Pavilion for the 1939 World’s Fair. Set on an edge of what is now called Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, with the Grand Central Parkway streaming by, it proved itself a versatile premises, suited equally to athletics and aesthetics. For many years, half the building was a skating rink. The other half, beginning in 1972, was home to the Queens Museum of Art.

Several months ago, the museum closed fully to complete a two-year, $69 million renovation that mostly took place while the museum remained open.

via The Expanded Queens Museum Reopens – NYTimes.com.


2 thoughts on “A UN HQ That You Never Knew”

  1. I always enjoy hearing unexpected stories like this. I doubt that many people know that the United Nations was going to be in Queens. They made a great point when they put it there because it represents what the United Nations is all about; coming together to make change and peace become a reality. While the UN is obviously not housed there anymore, I think it is fantastic that they are able to renovate it in order to become more of an overarching museum rather than purely for art. There is something to be said for investing in culture and preserving it in such a way that our children will appreciate it. The United Nations was a huge feat to overcome the natural anarchy that occurs in our world and it is a honor that the main headquarters are in our country.

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