U.S. Officer Says Taliban Will Fight This Winter – NYTimes.com

Is Afghanistan trending down? Will impending conflicts with the Taliban destabilize the country?

There are around 50,000 American troops in Afghanistan, but that level will drop to 34,000 by February under orders from President Obama. As part of a commitment to helping the Afghans secure the elections, the number of American troops would then hold steady at the 34,000 level and not drop further until next July, according to the senior official.

NATO has endorsed an enduring force of 8,000 to 12,000 troops to advise, assist and train Afghan forces. It is expected that about two thirds of those troops would be American. But it is thought that no coalition nations would extend the mission without the United States remaining under a new security agreement with the Afghans.

At the crux of the debate are two American demands: to maintain legal jurisdiction over American troops, and to be able to continue direct counterterrorism missions on Afghan soil.

via U.S. Officer Says Taliban Will Fight This Winter – NYTimes.com.

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One thought on “U.S. Officer Says Taliban Will Fight This Winter – NYTimes.com

  1. The fact that the Taliban are changing their tactics to accommodate fighting the upcoming free and fair election is very interesting to me. I almost see it as a good sign though. This is because if what the US is doing wasn’t working and wasn’t a threat to the Taliban then the Taliban wouldn’t be worried about the upcoming elections to the extent that they would change their strategies. On another note, I am glad that the US is under no condition willing to negotiate on maintaining jurisdiction over American troops. I feel like it goes back to the US’ reasons for not being a participatory member of the ICC; America has a very good (and very harsh) military justice system. Not only is any decision reached by a military tribunal not disputable (as to the fairness of the trial since Americans typically see military tribunals as being fair but harsh), but I do not believe that Americans trust the Afghan judicial system with fairly trying Americans because of corruption (links to Taliban with many village leaders, etc) and deep-rooted resentment toward America by many Afghanis still.

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