Drownings Put Migration at Fore of European Meeting

A new crisis in Europe:

Migration is rapidly becoming the most pressing, and politically divisive, problem for the union as it starts to emerge from the debt crisis among euro-area countries that threatened to sink the single currency. The tensions broke into the open on Wednesday, when it emerged that Southern European nations — including Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta and Spain — had demanded concrete pledges from the rest of the bloc to help manage the influx of migrants, which continues to cost lives, overwhelm southern countries’ resources and clash with the bloc’s humanitarian ideals.

Such pleas are resented by other nations that say they have taken in the largest number of asylum seekers, and may meet resistance from countries like Britain, France and the Netherlands, whose welfare systems are strained and whose leaders are facing pressure to look tough on border control to counter the rise of anti-immigrant parties.



2 thoughts on “Drownings Put Migration at Fore of European Meeting”

  1. Finally, the European Union is starting to address a really pressing issue. Thousands of refugees are pouring into Europe, something needs to be done to help them. In my opinion, not only does Europe (and the rest of the world) have a moral obligation to help these refugees, but it would make sense for them economically. Europe’s population is declining, their familyies are having less children. The future generations will not have enough workers to keep their economies at this same level. They should be encouraging migration and then asissting these refugees in getting an education and/or training.

  2. French newspapers have been saying that the French “en ont ras-le-bol” (are fed up with) migrants. Western culture and society is currently in shock because of high numbers of asylum-seekers, refugees, and migrants in general. It is interesting how the Great Recession has driven many voters more to the right than usual, creating a wave of discriminatory policies, especially toward immigrants. Not only that, but the West fears many asylum-seekers do not actually need asylum. That is because many have claimed to need asylum in order to migrate to countries like France where life is better financially. Here are three interesting articles on this.

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