Italian Prime Minister Calls Populism a Threat to Stability in Europe –

With economic problems receding, at least from the headlines, Italy’s Prime Minister makes a dire prediction for the state of European politics:

We have the big risk to have the most ‘anti-European’ European Parliament ever,” Mr. Letta said in an expansive interview at Palazzo Chigi, his office in central Rome. He said mainstream, pro-Europe parties must win at least 70 percent of the seats to avoid a “nightmarish legislature.”

“The rise of populism is today the main European social and political issue,” Mr. Letta added. “To fight against populism, in my view, is a mission today — in Italy and in the other countries.”

via Italian Prime Minister Calls Populism a Threat to Stability in Europe –


2 thoughts on “Italian Prime Minister Calls Populism a Threat to Stability in Europe –”

  1. It seems that Mr. Letta fears the loss of power of mainstream parties because the other parties are radical. He likes to get thing done quickly, like in the case of sea patrol in the Strait of Sicily. He said, that they could not wait on a European decision in the matter. Furthermore, he said that if the European Parliament did not achieve a mainstream, pro-European party victory of more than 70 percent then legislation would be a nightmare. He ultimately argues that populists are not pro-European. My question is, are populists radical or are they truly trying to secure equal liberties for everyone?

  2. Considering what “populism” and people elected to Congress on anti-government platforms has done to America, Europe should definitely fear the parallels in the region. Simply put, if you want things to get done in a semi functional manner, you put people who aren’t opposed to doing just that in charge. So of course having too many anti-EU parties (well below a majority. Tyranny of the Minority is a real thing, as demonstrated in Congress) will be bad. I don’t think the fear is because these parties are radical. They are for the most part, but their obstructionism is much more dangerous to Europe’s stability than the radical ways that they are trying to appease a minority.

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