European Echo Chamber

Are the “yes” men and women running the store in Europe?

The whole thing is surreal make-believe: people who get E.U. funding talk about how wonderful the E.U. is, and then lobby for it to get more money,” said Mark Littlewood, director general of the Institute of Economic Affairs, a privately financed research group based in London that is offering $135,000 for the best plan for a British exit from the Union.

via Europeans are Faulted


One thought on “European Echo Chamber”

  1. It makes sense. If you’re essentially getting paid by this supranational organization, of course you’re going to be all for it and expanding its influences. The same applies to welfare in the U.S. The poorer you are and the more you receive from the government, the more you want big government and support that type of spending. I think it’s right that people should be questioning the sources of information on their governance. Do I think that countries should start withdrawing from the EU, such as the UK is threatening? No, not personally. But in order to assess the truth and really understand the underpinnings of the system, that system must be questioned and then refined.

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