The Great Game in Kazakhstan?

A special feature explores a new Central Asian championship that will make you appreciate your favorite sports tradition.  Modernity and antiquity in Astana:

“It’s a kind of cruel game playing with a dead sheep, but in our country it’s normal,” said Marat Baytugelov, a retired player, who was watching from the stands as the home team routed the players from Tajikistan. (In the old days, villagers would cluster on hilltops to get a better view.) “The most difficult thing is getting the goal. You have to have strong arms, strong stamina, and you must ride the horse well.”

via Nostalgia Burns Bright in a City Renewed –


2 thoughts on “The Great Game in Kazakhstan?”

  1. Cultural differences are what makes living in this world enjoyable. It is interesting to see how people perceive different cultural activities in different parts of the world. In order to completely understand and have a good relationship with someone of a different background, we must have some knowledge of what makes them the way they are. This is something that lacks in our society today. We all look at events happening across the globe and forget to consider the background history of the people involved. Reading news like this prepares us to understand a little better the articles that we read about political events in Kazakhstan.

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