“Zero Problems with Neighbors”

If the Middle East seems hard to understand for Westerners, try being Turkey:

The Middle East is a place of fast-changing fortunes these days. Just ask the Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Not so long ago neo-Ottomanism was the vogue phrase to describe Turkey’s expanding regional influence, pursued under a catchy dogma of “zero problems with neighbors.”
Now there are zero neighbors without problems. Syria is first among them. Erdogan’s fulminations over the suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the treatment of the Sunni opposition in Syria have the air of the unbalanced outbursts of a lonely man whose moderate Islamism has morphed into an immoderate fury.

Via Roger Cohen, IHT


2 thoughts on ““Zero Problems with Neighbors””

  1. I finished reading the rest of this article in order to learn more about the matter (http://www.khaleejtimes.com/kt-article-display-1.asp?xfile=data/opinion/2013/September/opinion_September51.xml&section=opinion). It seems like the Middle East has all of the world’s conflicts concentrated into one area. They are struggling over religion, oil, and hunger. Moreover, they are in an ongoing loop of unfair diplomatic regimes. They are also slowly realizing that oil, their main source of power, is running out so they turn to other reasons for them to obtain power such as becoming nuclear powers.

  2. The Middle East has always been a region full of wars and fast-changes. The beginning of conflicts dates millenniums before Christ’s birth and goes on today. The reasons behind the struggles seem to always be related to religion or property of land and its resources.
    For the current nations located in the region the political, as well religious groups, have been the cause, or at least the excuse, for most of the conflicts.The Middle East has always and will always be a problematic area. No optimism will change the fact conflicts will keep happening and will only get worse.

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