Post-Attack in Kenya

What will the impact of the Shabab attract be for Nairobi? Jeffrey Gettleman, the East Africa NYT Bureau Chief explains:

I had this sinking feeling that when the Shabab finally gave up any hope of ruling Somalia, they would strike Nairobi. They had been reluctant before, because Nairobi was their back office, where the white-collar Shabab lived, the accountants, financiers and logisticians. The instant they hit here, the Shabab leaders knew, Nairobi’s Somali community would fall under such intense pressure and scrutiny that it would be impossible to do business



2 thoughts on “Post-Attack in Kenya”

  1. If the Shabab make repeated acts of terrorism, or even just one more act of terrorism as devastating as the Westgate Mall Massacre, Kenya will fall into decline. Kenya has been able to rise out of most African stereotypes and has become a comfortable destination spot for tourists withing to visit Africa. Much of its economy depends on tourism. If the Shebab have a continued presence in Kenya, it will lose business, meaning the loss of jobs and the loss of continued economic growth.
    Personally I think that the Shebab will continue to have a presence in Kenya, unless they can be struck hard preemptively.

  2. I agree with the previous commenter and have only a bit to add.

    Not only would there be a loss of growth and jobs, but there will mostly likely be increased crime and extremism from those losses. That would only compound the issue at hand.

    Another issue at play is the current ethnic tensions in Kenya and retaliation. Attacks/discrimination against Somalis in Kenya would only serve to help gain Al Shabab support in Kenya, even if its leaders/business people have to flee the region. Also, retribution on the Somali community would probably cause violence to spread to be against other ethnic groups, a problem that Kenya historically has.

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