What do Syrians Think about the Conflict?

This project answers attempts to answer the main question about what Syrians want in this confusing and ongoing conflict.

The Syrian Dialogue project is an initiative by a group of Syrians from inside and outside Syria that aims to provide a platform for sharing and debating the views of “the silent majority” in Syria

Most of the politically active Syrians speak or act on behalf of two extreme sides of the Syrian crisis, driven by their emotional systems where fear, ambitions or anger determine personal or collective group choices and actions. The center, on the other hand, is generally more flexible, prudent, realistic and pragmatic. It is also, we believe, probably the largest segment of the Syrian people. Therefore it is crucial that this group of Syrians is empowered with a platform to help it participate in the shaping of the narrative of the crisis and in helping present moderate proposals for ending the complex crisis.

In phase one of the project, we follow a complex methodology to try to answer a basic, yet unanswered, question:

What’s on the minds of the Syrian people? What are their worries? What are their aspirations? and what are their priorities?

via Syrian Dialogue.


2 thoughts on “What do Syrians Think about the Conflict?”

  1. I think this project gives a very important voice to those often overlooked. They are overlooked because they are not outspoken, because they are not radical, and because they are the majority of the population. It is understandable, but unfortunate. They key information from this, though, is that from all the groups interviewed, the most common answer received to “what’s on the minds of the Syrian people?” was survival. People just want to stay alive, and regardless of political standings or beliefs, there is one unifying thought. I think this puts the situation of everyday civilians into perspective.

  2. I agree with the comment above. Something that is commonly overlooked in these types of situations is the majority of people that are actually effected. It is true that we usually only hear about the radical sides. The United States always just wants to play clean up. They focus on whether or not to use military action or diplomatic solutions. What the people really need is humanitarian efforts. They don’t really care about negotiations or the US struggles with Russia. They just want to live. Instead of being concerned with he said and she said and who done it, we should provide relief.
    On the other hand, this might also show that any sort of military actions is frowned upon by the people. If they just want to live chances are they don’t want machine guns and tanks around. This article really puts things into perspective.

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