Booklist |Geoffrey Hale, So Near Yet So Far

ACUNS – Review of “So Near Yet So Far”

Americans love to make fun of Canada–but the political and economic realities are very different.  A deep, academic analysis of the US/Canada bilateral relationship–including “single point diplomacy” and other features of this complex relationship.  David Borys reviews the book for the Academic Council on the UN System:

Geoffrey Hale takes on the monumental task of analyzing Canadian-American relations in his book So Near, So Far: The Public and Hidden Worlds of Canada-US Relations. In this 2012 publication, Hale offers us a window into the vastly complex and multi-layered aspect of the relationship between Canada and the United States (US) through the examination of four distinct themes: political-strategic, trade-commercial, cultural-psychological, and institutional-procedural.  He then applies this thematic framework in a well-balanced examination of three broad policy clusters: policies related to homeland security and how they affect economic integration and interdependence, management of trade disputes, and the evolution and partial coordination of energy policies. As Hale readily admits, however, many of these clusters overlap involving both national and regional government bodies on both sides of the border in the ‘intermesticity’ of Canada-US relations. Needless to say, the character of the relationship is what makes it truly unique and unlike any other bilateral partnership.

via ACUNS – Review of “So Near Yet So Far”.


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