As Brazil Snubs the U.S., Who Loses? – Room for Debate –

As Brazil Snubs the U.S., Who Loses? A discussion among Oliver Stuenkiel, Julia Sweig, Mauicio Snatoro, Eric Farnsworth, and Joao Augusto de Castro Neves on what may have been no big deal–but could also portend something more.

via As Brazil Snubs the U.S., Who Loses? – Room for Debate –



3 thoughts on “As Brazil Snubs the U.S., Who Loses? – Room for Debate –”

  1. Overall, I think that relations between Brazil and the US will remain largely the same. No formal policy or sanctions were enacted, the president of Brazil just cancelled a trip to the US. I think it was just a way of saying they disproved of NSA policies without actually damaging relations with the US. The biggest threat to the US would be if other countries decided to follow suit.

  2. I think that Brazil has potential to become a greater power than we give it credit for, especially since this country will become the center of attention in a few years due to the Summer Olympics in 2016, as a result, I think that the US has more to lose. As far as snubbing the White House, I feel that was President Dilma Rousseff’s way of sticking it to the US to help her image in coming elections, she is using this event to unify members of her country to create a nationalistic feeling. I also think that we have to remember it was unfair to be spying on Brazil in the first place, since this country is not an enemy to the US.

  3. With the upcoming presidential elections in Brazil and the recent tensions between the Brazilian government and its population, there was not much more DIlma Rousseff could have done. The actions taken by the United States were, with no doubt, a violation of sovereignty. Such actions could not be overlooked. The decision will bring undesirable tensions between both governments. However, if looked at the internal perspective, there was no other actions that could have been taken without raising high criticism against the government. Although Dilma’s actions have been very debatable lately, I believe it was the right thing to do.

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