Roger Cohen: Why Greece Is Not Weimar

Are we watching the slow train wreck of Europe–with all the portent for interstate conflict and turmoil?  Or, as Roger Cohen argues–will Greece be ok?

These are familiar insinuations. It is well known where they can lead. The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party is rising, from a negligible fringe group in 2009 to what is almost certainly the country’s third political force today, representing close to 15 percent of the vote, according to polls. If the most acute phase of Greece’s economic crisis has passed, the most acute phase of its political trial is upon it.

I have little doubt that if Greece were not part of the European Union, with the protection and example afforded by this much maligned democratic club, it would have tumbled into catastrophe by now, much as a humiliated Germany did after 1918. Europe has been Greece’s protector even as the single euro currency has been its tormentor.

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One thought on “Roger Cohen: Why Greece Is Not Weimar”

  1. With all the ingredients for political upheaval, I am surprised that Greece is not in complete chaos right now. From the article, the author made it seem that because of Germany’s bailouts, Greece would be safe. However, I feel that Germany’s intentions are good but misguided. There has already been countless bailouts and reductions of the Greek government and that has proved little success. Other measures must be taken to help improve the job market and local infrastructure.

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