Is Samantha Power Up to the Task?

The future of Syria is in her hands.  America’s newest UN diplomat has a big job and some wonder if her proximity to President Obama, achievement as an human rights author will be enough to stand tough against Russia, China, and Syria at the United Nations General Assembly this week:

“Most diplomats in a career of 40 years would never get this kind of opportunity to make such a difference at such a critical moment,” said Edward C. Luck, the dean of the School of Peace Studies at the University of San Diego and a former senior United Nations adviser on peacekeeping issues. “The stakes could not be higher.”

At the United Nations headquarters last week, where security was tight in preparation for Monday’s meeting of world leaders, Ms. Power, who turned 43 on Saturday, looked harried as she swept through the corridors with her entourage. In brief comments to reporters, she deflected questions about how she would handle Russia’s resistance to authorizing the use of force if Mr. Assad refused to comply.

“We are determined to have an enforceable and binding resolution,” Ms. Power said, in the kind of bland, bureaucratic language she might have shunned as a writer for The New Yorker, which she once was. Beyond that, “I think I’m not going to comment.” She declined to be interviewed for this article.

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4 thoughts on “Is Samantha Power Up to the Task?”

  1. Maybe I am naive during this situation, but does all the power really rely with Samantha Power? I know she is the ambassador, but it seems to me that all of our people within the US (President Obama, Secretary Kerry, etc.) haven’t seemed to do a good job of convincing the rest of the Security Council, so what makes Ambassador Power any different? It will be interesting to see how Power affects the proceedings on Syria and to see how she interacts with others.

    (Also I didn’t appreciate the snide comment about her bureaucratic language; of course she has to be more vague because she doesn’t want to cause any turmoil! She cannot just speak freely right now because she is representing our government!)

  2. Though Ambassador Power may be qualified to hold a position like this, it is not a good idea to rely on someone so unexperienced to solve what could be the greatest diplomatic crisis for years to come. I am not saying that she will not be a great UN Ambassador, I am simply saying that experience is absolutely vital in a situation like this. We need someone who knows international politics, has relationships with other negotiators, and has had to work under unimaginable pressure. The fact that she missed her first emergency meeting on Syria – only a few weeks after starting the job – sends a terrible message to Americans and to the world.

    I don’t mean to be cynical, and I sincerely hope Ambassador Power is successful – I simply wish we had someone with more experience to handle one of the most complex issues the world has yet to face.

  3. I agree that her inexperience probably is going to make this hard for her. I also wonder about her agenda in Syria for the past year, which was to send in military strikes. Will that attitude come through the negotiations and make things more difficult for her?

  4. I don’t agree with the first comment that was made. I think Ambassador Power will have a lot to say and to add in the general assembly this week. I believe that her role is a very important one. Even though President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry will be there she will be the mouthpiece for all of their work. I also believe that she will end up doing a great job. Everyone talks about her inexperience but from the little I know it seems to me that she is VERY experienced and ready for this task. Good luck to her this week.

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