Brazil Looks to Break from U.S.-Centric Internet |

Can Brazil build a non-US -based internet?

While Brazil isn’t proposing to bar its citizens from U.S.-based Web services, it wants their data to be stored locally as the nation assumes greater control over Brazilians’ Internet use to protect them from NSA snooping.

The danger of mandating that kind of geographic isolation, Meinrath said, is that it could render inoperable popular software applications and services and endanger the Internet’s open, interconnected structure.

The effort by Latin America’s biggest economy to digitally isolate itself from U.S. spying not only could be costly and difficult, it could encourage repressive governments to seek greater technical control over the Internet to crush free expression at home, experts say.

via Brazil Looks to Break from U.S.-Centric Internet |


2 thoughts on “Brazil Looks to Break from U.S.-Centric Internet |”

  1. In short, no. To explain better, this is a terrible idea, especially for Brazil. In my opinion the article does a good job of explaining why but I’ll emphasize how I see it anyway.

    1) It won’t stop the NSA and won’t protect Brazil’s data. As the article pointed out, the NSA has and can easily tap undersea cables. They have been doing this sort of thing for decades and have presumably only gotten better in that time. They may not even have to do it illicitly if a country on the other end, like say the US’s buddy the UK, allows the US to tap into it in their waters. As far as data centers, infiltrating those would probably be only a little more difficult than paying off the right people. The CIA and NSA can “dar em jeito” when it comes to getting the information they want. I also have no doubt that the NSA is better at decryption than the Brazilian postal service is at encryption.

    2) It sets precedent for other, less well-meaning, states to take more control of their internet resources. The article goes into more detail about this, but basically giving countries like China or Iran more rights to internet control isn’t a good idea.

    3) No offense to any Brazilians, but the government there is not exactly the most competent government around. This whole idea is just too expensive, especially for a country that has spending problems, as evidenced by the protests this past summer. Any new structure they create will quite frankly be not as good as what they used to have.

    I could go on, but really, this is just an all around bad idea.

  2. Brazil is incapable of such a task. They can barely manage their economy and we have seen the outcome of their poor financial spending on the FIFA World Cup next year. The people have started riots and protests against the government’s spending on the World Cup and who knows what will occur when their government starts waisting money on creating a Brazilian Internet.

    I agree with you jacobbills that the NSA will be able to tap into any information no matter how secure or distant from the United States. The internet that Brazil could create would not be as sophisticated as the current United States internet and would probably be easy to tap into anyway.

    This is just as bad as them waisting money on the FIFA world cup if not worse.

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