Brazil’s Leader Postpones State Visit to Washington Over Spying –

One Brazil specialist calls it “a friction point…but not a breakup.”  Julia Sweig at the Council on Foreign Relations muses that “Washington doesn’t do contrition very well.”

In the case of Brazil, Latin America’s largest nation, the move to effectively suspend a state visit to the United States — a remarkably rare decision in the annals of diplomacy — threatens to unravel years of Washington’s efforts to recognize Brazil’s rising profile in the developing world and blunt the growing influence of China, which has surpassed the United States as Brazil’s top trading partner.

via Brazil’s Leader Postpones State Visit to Washington Over Spying –

Is Brazil flexing is muscle or just plain petulant?


5 thoughts on “Brazil’s Leader Postpones State Visit to Washington Over Spying –”

  1. I can’t say that I am too surprised that Brazil is this upset about the recent revelations about the NSA. If I found out that one of my “friends” had been spying on me behind my back for a long time I would probably be upset with them and not want to see them either. However, I don’t think that this is irreversible, and Obama seems to think that too. As long as the US is less sneaky and more transparent in the future, I bet that they could earn Brazil’s trust back.

  2. I think that Brazil is doing a little bit of both flexing their muscles and being petulant. Brazil, understandably upset and hurt by the U.S.’s spying on top government officials. At the same time, I believe that Brazil is taking the moment to demonstrate to the U.S. that its actions were wrong and should not be replicated again, by showing that those actions can and will hurt diplomatic relations with its allies. But as the article mentions, I doubt this will interfere in the long-term relationship between Brazil and the U.S. This remains to be seen though with the potentially damaging prospect of Brazil pursuing an isolated form of the internet, as mentioned in another article on this blog, in order to protect itself from future U.S. Spying efforts.

  3. I think Brazil is entirely justified in being upset with the United States and pulling out of this meeting, but I also think that this move is a largely strategic one on Brazil’s part. It is understandably offensive that the United States has been trying to bolster relations with Brazil for years now, and all of sudden Brazil now has been made aware of these NSA programs aimed at their own country. However, as the article mentions, this meeting was unlikely to be overly productive, and it will be great for Brazil’s status internationally if they sit this one out and wait for the United States to come crawling back to them.

  4. On the other hand, why was Brazil so completely shocked and appalled that the US was spying on it? Countries have always practiced espionage on one another, it’s a fact! Of course it isn’t pleasant to find out you’ve been spied on, but Brazil’s reaction is a little dramatic. We know Russia is spying on us, Russia knows we’ve been spying on them, but no evidence has arisen and everyone can be happy in our ‘ignorance.’ Hopefully when evidence does arise neither side gets overly theatrical. Accept that it happens, and move on because now or later, President Rousseff and President Obama will meet to discuss what they were going to discuss anyways.

  5. I think the Brazil is just being petulant. Brazil is new at being a world power and hasn’t fully understood its place. They need to understand that the United States keeps tabs on everyone and should not be offended by it. Brazil needs to accept the fact that since they are growing in power that they are being watched more carefully. It was childish of them to run away from the state visit that could have shown them having a good relationship with the United States. Now they made a fool of themselves freaking out about the United States spying on them. If thats not embarrassing enough they want to create their own internet so that the US cannot spy on them anymore. Brazil just needs to realize that they have potential power and if they keep creating foolish mistakes then they might quickly fall short of their power in the world.

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