When Complexity Is Free – NYTimes.com

A happy tale of America’s exceptionalism:

Fortunately, there is another, still “exceptional,” American reality out there. (I am talking to you, Putin.)

It’s best found at the research centers of any global American company. These centers are places where scientists and engineers from dozens of nationalities are using collaboration and crowd-sourcing to push out the boundaries of medical, manufacturing and material sciences, where possibilities seem infinite, where optimal is the norm and where every day begins by people asking: “What world are we living in, and how do we thrive in that world?” As opposed to: “Here is my crazy ideology, and the world will have to bend to it because I’ve got a donor in Vegas who will fund it and a gerrymandered district back home that will endorse it.”

via When Complexity Is Free – NYTimes.com.


4 thoughts on “When Complexity Is Free – NYTimes.com”

  1. Thank you, I am glad someone is speaking out about this. While I agree that all human beings are equal under God, there is something to be said about the ‘American exceptionalism’. In the United States, industry, innovation and education thrive, where they are stifled in many other countries(Russia included). If that is not exceptional, I do not know what is.

  2. America IS exceptional. As young a nation as it is, America has blessed the modern world with more innovation and technology than any other nation in the past two hundred some years of its existence. The birth of America introduced the birth of the ideals of true individual freedom into the world – individual freedom that not only permits, but encourages every man to embark on his own personal pursuit of happiness. And as men individually pursue their goals and seek their dreams, they further benefit and improve society collectively through every man’s combined effort of determination, hard work, and imagination. As a result, creativity abounds and society flourishes. Many people from other nations have remarked on the incredible work ethic Americans have, and indeed, such is the ideal this nation was founded by and founded upon. This nation has blessed the world. That is exceptional.

  3. When thinking about the level of debt the US is in and the handful of problems we have to deal with, it’s easy to forget that America is still an exceptional nation. No nation has had the rapid amount of development as quickly as the US has in the course of history. In the 20th century, the US was speedily developing new programs faster than any other nation. Thus, though as Americans we have a stock of problems, we truly are an amazing nation. People from all over the globe come to our country to participate in our innovative ideas and technology.

  4. Those who doubt American exceptionalism fail to see what a beacon of hope the United States is for people all over the world, even today. What other country in the world donates as much aid, funds, and humanitarian support as the United States? What other country donates to charities and the needy as generously? What other country adopts as many orphaned and disabled children from other countries? For all its problems, the United States is as exceptional as it was 50 and 100 years ago because her people have a giving and generous spirit, a love of learning and innovation, and a genuine desire to pursue happiness for themselves and for people everywhere.

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