Update on the Korean Peninsula

Talks and engagement may be the only option for the US and its allies:

The six-nation forum, which includes North and South Korea, Japan, Russia and China, was started in 2003 with the aim of ending North Korea’s nuclear weapons development. As tensions have eased on the peninsula in recent months, there have been efforts, notably from China, host of the talks, to resume them.

via NYT


3 thoughts on “Update on the Korean Peninsula”

  1. I am wary about North Korea’s willingness to end its nuclear program. It seems like we have seen this before. As the New York Times put it, this is just “part of North Korea’s timeworn tactic of raising tensions to remind its adversaries that it is a menace that needs placating”. North Korea is not going to give up its nuclear weapons, they just want to make some noise to receive outside economic aid. In the long run, it is to North Korea’s advantage to keep playing games like this with the US while keeping their weapons.

  2. Such talks will only be as effective as China and Russia allow them to be. Trying to convince North Korea to take any action will be pointless as long as China assists the North Korean government by sending back those who have escaped across the border, etc. Also, Western voices like the US carry much less credence than those of nations in the same region. China and Russia are in a unique place to do much good here. Hopefully they work on the North Koreans to get them to commit to foregoing their nuclear ambitions rather than letting things get bogged down in Security Council-like deadlock.

  3. I think it interesting that the US is a part of the talks. The other states make sense because they are within range of devices exploding and are close neighbors. Yes, the US has a lot of economic interest in South Korea and Japan and China, but I think it is still worth noting that the US is seen as a world police force.

    Russia’s relationship is interesting with North Korea also, they seem to have a desire to do business with the DPRK so they can go through to the South. It seems all outside parties want the DPRK to become a member of the NPT again, but it will be interesting to see if momentum (from Syria) stays with Russia in getting other objectives that are at odds with the US agenda in the Korean Peninsula accomplished during the talks

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