The Pope Gets on the Line, and Everyone Is Talking –

Shrewd public diplomacy move by Pope Francis:

Pope Francis already has distinguished himself from his predecessor with a more down-to-earth style. Now he is both unnerving the Vatican and delighting the faithful by picking up the telephone and spontaneously calling people, earning the nickname “the Cold Call Pope.”

This month, he called to comfort a pregnant Italian woman whose married boyfriend had unsuccessfully pressured her to have an abortion. The woman, who is divorced and will be a single mother, wrote to the pope, fearing she had fallen afoul of the church. Not knowing the correct address, she marked the envelope “Holy Father Pope Francis, Vatican City, Rome.” The pope offered to personally baptize the baby when it is born next year, according to an account in La Stampa, a newspaper in Turin.

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2 thoughts on “The Pope Gets on the Line, and Everyone Is Talking –”

  1. Pope Francis is a genius. From day one, Pope Francis has been trying to make sure that he is viewed as a new type of pope, one that is close with the people that he is serving. By calling individual people, the pope has asserted himself as someone who truly cares for each and every person in his large congregation. It is unfortunate that people have begun to impersonate him or claim that he has called them. However, I think that as long as the Vatican’s representatives stay on top of the rumour mill, then it is possible for the Pope to get his message across without too much confusion.

  2. I would agree with Shannon. I would also add, however, that not only is he asserting himself as someone who truly cares for everyone in his massive congregation through these phone calls and relatable actions, but that he is giving new life to a dying church. The Catholic church has been dying in the sense that it is becoming more and more of just a tradition or religion to be so people can check the “I have a religion” box on their life checklist. Now, however, everyone is suddenly paying more attention to the Catholic church. It can no longer be said that its leader is old and overly traditional; Pope Francis may be the former, but he is certainly not the later. The Catholic church is regaining some of its credibility as a church that is more than just an “I’m a Catholic in name only” church, all thanks to Pope Francis.

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