Bruce Feiler on Domestic Diplomacy

The family that argues together, stays together.  (We have heard this before). Here is how it works:

I’ve set out on a quest to try to improve how we fight as a family. I took a three-day course from the team at the Harvard Negotiation Project; I invited environmental psychologists to our home to inspect where we sat during spats; I talked to linguists about which words escalate family disputes.

Here’s what I learned: All families have conflict; those who control and manage that conflict can make their family happier. Conflict resolution didn’t exist as a field when I was growing up, but today a new generation of researchers has isolated tools that can help make peace between battling parties, including sibling and spouses.

You can build a better family argument, one that takes less time, leaves fewer emotional scars and more quickly restores harmony to your household.

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