UK | Granta’s Writer List Highlights Cosmopolitan Britain

One manifestation of immigrant integration can be seen in literary pursuits.  According to Chris Cleave, author of Incendiary and Little Bee, “London’s literary scene is absolutely rocking at the moment”…  “You couldn’t invent it. There are 300 languages, 72 major nationalities…”

So when an important lit mag points to the “best”–and they mirror a cosmopolitan, hypernetworked, up-and-coming set, its hard not to see the linkages:

“The right-wing press will undoubtedly say it’s the end of the world, it’s all these foreigners, people with funny surnames, coming over and taking our novels, yada, yada, yada,” Ms. Kennedy predicted. “It’s the nature of the beast” but unjustified, she added, because London today “is a teeming mass of different voices” that need to be reflected and represented in literature.

via Granta Names Best Young British Novelists –


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