Nobody home at the State Department | The Cable

Who’s the boss? At the US State Department Sec Clintons’s smooth, firm, and efficient management style seems to be greatly missed–at least for now.

<Blockquote> When Kerry’s predecessor, Hillary Clinton, came into office, she negotiated for herself 100 percent control over State Department appointments and largely kept Obama campaign officials at arms’ length. Kerry has no such deal with the White House, and his office is only one voice in a White House-managed appointment process that is moving as slowly as molasses, several State Department officials and insiders say.



8 thoughts on “Nobody home at the State Department | The Cable”

  1. This article is a great example of the common delays in bureaucracy. There are many benefits to having our bureaucracy with numerous checks and balances and several departments to head various segments of policy. However, one of the downsides lies in the delays and the inability to hold a particular person completely responsible for these delays and often mistakes when they occur. Who is responsible for filling this spots?

  2. After reading this article I feel that it is written in a biased tone. Given, in keeping political partisanship out of it, some of the statements tend to lean to one party. For example, “The State Department also does not have an inspector general to oversee its operations, but that is not the fault of Kerry’s team.” This could have been written in a more objective manner.

  3. Hillary Clinton was pretty ballin. That woman wore the pants in that bureaucratic relationship. It’s too bad she had to take the fall for Benghazi. I’m sure the State Department misses her more than ever now.

  4. I feel that John Kerry so grateful for the appointment that he doesn’t want to do anything to give up his power. So many people are willing to abuse power that they don’t understand. To have someone as the secretary of state that doesn’t express ideas (or even have them) that are different than the president, complacency sets in. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Hillary Clinton but I liked the fact that she expressed herself.

  5. i’ll admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan of Hillary. I thought the whole Benghazi incident was inexcusable. However, I’ll agree with Kelsey that i thought it was a little biased towards one party. I’m not attempting to defend kerry, but everyone is different and runs organizations differently. I think it’s always easy to criticize when on the outside.

  6. I find the power struggle between the presidency and those he appointed very interesting. While sometimes conflicting ideas can elevate decisionmaking, gridlock is definitely more likely in a power struggle. I wish we could all cooperate a little more. I feel like the lack of leadership positions being filled is a little more unsettling though. If we don’t fill these positions with dedicated and committed people, we’re going to let things slip through the cracks and the flow of information will be disrupted.

  7. I like the comment about the power struggle. I think that gridlock definitely plays a large role in appointments. This is evident even with smaller appointments, but definitely when the president tries to appoint people to more influential positions.

  8. totally love acpotts comment. That was great. I think this is a perfect example of how people love to hate on whoever is in office. As a politician, you are lucky if you are appreciated after you leave office because most likely you wont be appreciated during your term. Clinton was no exception. People love to hate on Hilary. I happen to think, with the exception of Benghazi, that she did a great job as secretary of defense and I am happy that we had a woman in that position! I think she did a great deal just by setting an example for other women seeking a position of such importance as secretary of defense. Good luck to Kerry.

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