Three Books on the Rise of China | Foreign Affairs

Get your China fix in this review of three new books by Edward Luttwak, Steve Chan, and David Shambaugh by Andrew J. Nathan in the March/April 2013 issues of Foreign Affairs.

Of the three, the latter one, China Goes Global: The Partial Power posits Shambaugh’s intriguing argument that although China may be a seen to be a global power with unequalled power–it hasn’t arrived yet.

Shambaugh’s masterful survey of China’s presence on the world scene shows that in every field—diplomatic, economic, military, and cultural—Beijing’s influence, although growing, remains limited. China has global economic interests without dominating any market; it has a large military without being able to project force very far beyond its borders; its sizable propaganda apparatus promotes cultural products and ideological values that few admire.

via Three Books on the Rise of China | Foreign Affairs.


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