U.N. invokes diplomatic immunity on Haiti cholera epidemic | Turtle Bay

How much “moral authority” does the UN keep when it must be concerned about legal exposure?  This question will grow in other areas as the UN addresses global problems–and occasionally becomes entwined in questions of liability.


A U.S. cholera expert at Tufts Univeristy, Daniele Lantagne, who was a member of the U.N. panel, told the BBC last October that further scientific evidence pointed more conclusively towards the Nepalese peacekeepers. She said it is “most likely” that they were the source of the outbreak.

Jonathan Katz, a former Associated Press reporter who covered the cholera outbreak, said the U.N. has “spent the last year and change saying” they can’t talk about the cholera epidemic because the claims case was pending. But now, he said, the U.N. maintains that it won’t even consider the claim.

Katz, who authored the recent book on the Haiti relief effort, The Big Truck that Went By, said U.N.’s refusal to confront responsibility reflects a deeper concern that establishing precedent could open the door to a slew of lawsuits against the United Nations around the world.

via U.N. invokes diplomatic immunity on Haiti cholera epidemic | Turtle Bay.


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