Israel Boycotts the HRC in Geneva

What do you do if you think a UN committee is unfairly weighted against you?  Israel skips its UPR at the Human Rights Council, possibly creating a new approach that isn’t supported by the US:

The underlying concern expressed by many council members in Tuesday’s session is that Israel’s decision to stay away from the review had broken established practice of cooperation observed by all countries, opening the door to noncooperation by others. The greater concern, some members said, is that if Israel persists in this action it will jeopardize a collaborative peer review process widely valued for shedding light on the human rights practices of even the most closed and repressive governments.

“If the Israeli government is not careful, it will ruin an important global human rights process for everybody,” Peter Splinter, a Geneva representative of Amnesty International, commented in a blog post.

via Israel Boycotts United Nations Review on Rights –


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