And now for a world government –

Gideon Rachman keep his Red State friends up at night:

So could the European model go global? There are three reasons for thinking that it might.

First, it is increasingly clear that the most difficult issues facing national governments are international in nature: there is global warming, a global financial crisis and a “global war on terror”.

Second, it could be done. The transport and communications revolutions have shrunk the world so that, as Geoffrey Blainey, an eminent Australian historian, has written: “For the first time in human history, world government of some sort is now possible.” Mr Blainey foresees an attempt to form a world government at some point in the next two centuries, which is an unusually long time horizon for the average newspaper column.

But – the third point – a change in the political atmosphere suggests that “global governance” could come much sooner than that. The financial crisis and climate change are pushing national governments towards global solutions, even in countries such as China and the US that are traditionally fierce guardians of national sovereignty.

via And now for a world government –

Given this was before the broad outlines of the European financial crisis were made known, but there are numerous linkages between the existing system of international organization that we have today and the European model.


One thought on “And now for a world government –”

  1. I don’t think the European model is a bad model to strive for, in fact it is probably one of the best international and intercontinental models for success. This is not to say however that they have not had their struggles, but they have overcome them in a successful and rather peaceful manner in the past 50 or so years, with exceptions of course. I do agree with the quote that global governance is a possible vision in the future, but there are a lot of reforms and changes that need be done prior to any global governance.

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